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Explore innovation that transforms. With 30 years of experience, I convert challenges into opportunities, helping you to personalize your IT solutions.


I’m excited to share my new project, Grinchos Consulting & Services!

I’ve spent over 30 years leading big changes and improving IT for many clients, like software companies and IT firms. Now, it’s time for me to start my own company to help these groups grow even more.

In my career, I’ve become really good at managing teams of all sizes. I’m great at solving problems, finding out what organizations need, tweaking plans, and using the latest tech to make businesses better. I always aim to create a team environment that leads to great results.


Luis Grincho is passionate about building high-performing teams and driving transformation to unlock growth, with a particular focus in recent years on Cloud/SaaS business models. He is a relationship builder and a trusted advisor/collaborator with customers, partners, and colleagues.
As a challenger and problem solver, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others, improving team collaboration, and finding paths to success.


“I’m a true believer that technology by itself is never a end, but a mean to achieve business objectives.”


“Unexperienced engineers like to reinvent the wheel, but experienced use learnings to improve previous models unless they are unable to evolve it.”

DATA in center

“What we don’t measure we will never be able to assure we were able to improve.”


“If we continue to do our work the same way, we should not expect different results.”

Collaborating with Luís means creative and top-quality solutions.


Founder & Principal Consultant


“I have worked extensively with Luís at Optimus as well as in several specific projects. The technical skills, extensive project management experience and capacity to motivate highly competitive teams he always demonstrates are key success factors. Besides that he complements his technical expertise with a strong selling capacity assuring that not only the work is done but also that customers (internal or external) understand the value they are paying for. If you need results you can’t go wrong with Luís.”


Group Chief Supply Chain Officer at Dr.Max Pharmacy Chain

“Luís as Manager and Director constantly communicates its consultants their enthusiasm, motivation and strategic vision necessary for the success of any IT project.
Incessant available to support the various issues and problems associated with the projects of its consultants.”


Director at GlinttNext

“I have been working with Luis for a long time at both SAP and MSG. His professionalism and knowledge of technology is undoubted. He knows, understands and is capable of developing a strategy for clients in a professional and accurate manner. a real pleasure to work with him.”


SAP Senior Solution Sales Executive SAP BTP Team

“Luis blend IT expertise and a deep commitment to sustainability.
He consistently demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to IT solutions with a specific focus on sustainability initiatives at a time that this is extremely needed. Luis is not only knowledgeable about the latest technological advancements but also deeply understands the importance of integrating sustainability into every aspect of our work”

Jaime Pérez Martín-Gaitero

Expert ESG | University

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