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Consulting & Personalized Services

At Grinchos Consulting & Services, we seek to develop services that help our clients drive business growth and innovation.


Assist organizations in their transformation initiatives, either supporting their Operational Model, their Cloud Strategy, their Governance or their Data challenges.

Program and project mgmt

Provide services of Program or Project Management

Technology SERVICES

Design and Implementation of Solutions: Elevating Organizational Capabilities across Diverse Technologies, Software Solutions or practices..

Process Improvement

Assist organizations in implementing innovative tools and practices to enable smart automation of their processes.


Assist organizations in creating processes and tools to enhance their understanding of expenditure and the associated profit margins across their business segments, products, or customer base.


Provide specialized services to assist companies (Software or IT Services providers) with their Go To Market strategy, either by supporting existing teams, or to act / replace their sales team.

30 years of Experience

Discover Luís Grincho’s dedication to technological progress and how he helped organizations in their evolutionary process

Tecnologic innovation

Luís Grincho supported the development of new tools and solutions in many different software and service companies. He also have experience managing european innovation projects.

Application development

From most common develpment languages and frameworks to Lo Code solutions, Luis Grincho have built teams and companies around these practices


Luis Grincho was fully involved in the development of the practice of ESG reporting and management in SAP world, including the implementation of the first 3 project using SAP tools in this domain.


From core industry solutions, passing by most common ERP and CRM, to Data Management and Business Intelligent solutions, Luis have done projects all over the world.

Enterprise Architecture

Luis Grincho is a true believer of the practice of enterprise architecture, as a way to develop best practices between business and IT.


Future organizational IT landscapes will likely be highly distributed and created by various providers. Integration will play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication between internal and external systems, thereby enhancing automation efficiency.


The integration of various technologies enables organizations to cultivate more intelligent automation practices. Transitioning from traditional workflows to the user-centric Business Process Management (BPM), and incorporating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for user task automation, along with Process Mining and other AI strategies, reveals optimal automation opportunities.

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